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You know what makes me really happy? Good, traditional foods prepared like how someones mother or grandmother would. You know what makes me even happier? When I stumble across good, traditional foods by pure accident. Especially when I’m unfamiliar with them! This happened to me on a Sunday a while back, when me and my boyfriend where on a search to find an extra long USB mini cable -for gaming, of course -. I knew there would be a little street market that day, but I didn’t know that I would be in for a little culinary treat! One that was also very welcome, since I was suffering from a severe case of wanderlust again.

While walking past the little stalls with homemade jams, organic honey and all sorts of vintage treasures, we passed a little stall that emitted the most amazing smell of fresh, sweet bread. The stall had a sign, which read Kürtőskalács. I had never heard of it, which made me all the more excited!

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La Lanterna Den Haag Restaurant Review | Naffy Eats

After wanting to to go there since they openend, I finally went to La Lanterna, the new Italian restaurant around the corner from our house. It’s actually the fourth (!) La Lanterna restaurant in The Hague. It all started with the first establishment in the Javastraat in 1975 and then another two followed in the Dagelijkse Groenmarkt in the city centre and in the Keizerstraat in Scheveningen. I had been to the establishment in the city center a few times before and last Monday even! It has a typical old fashioned Italian decor and really good Italian food.

I already knew from peeking in every time I walked passed it, that the new establishment at Laan van Meerdervoort has a much more modern interior and a -shall we say- more fancy look overall. They also seem to have a different menu. Now that really peeked my interest! I actually tried to reserve a table there a few weeks ago, but they were fully booked. I’d say that says a lot about a restaurant that isn’t exactly in the city center!

On Thursday night, most shops stay open until 21:00 hrs, so I imagined most people would be hanging out in the city centre and tonight just might be a good night to see if they had a table for us. And luckily, I was right! So I dragged my boyfriend to come with me to try the new La Lanterna Laan van Meerdervoort .

La Lanterna Laan van Meerdervoort Den Haag Restaurant Review Naffy Eats

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