Pasta Puttanesca from A Series of Unfortunate Events | Naffy’s Fiction Kitchen

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend c: Ours was pretty quiet and uneventful, as the bf has been working and I took advantage of that time to work on some of my own projects.
During weekends like this, we often order takeout or eat something that is really easy to prepare (like over pizza or pre-made salade) on Sundays, but since we ordered takeout on Saturday, we thought we should cook something instead. Trying to be a little healthy, ya know! ;p

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Harry Potter: The Exhibition | Events

When it was announced somewhere in June last year that there would be a Harry Potter exhibition, I was so. Fraking. EXCITED! Like many others, Harry Potter has been my absolute favorite fandom since I started reading the books at the age of 10 and I watch the films on a yearly basis. So getting the opportunity to see the props that were used for the films was not one I was going to pass up on! After months and months of anticipation, last Saturday was finally the day that a few friends and I traveled to CineMec in Utrecht for a magical day… [queue Harry Potter theme song]

A Little Impression…

After a bit (lol) of queuing we started off our adventure with The Sorting Ceremony. Yours truly didn’t get sorted, because I was too much of a scaredy-cat to get on the chair in front of an audience c’: But the real Sorting Hat on Pottermore sorted me in Ravenclaw anyway, so let’s just pretend that I was a second year student watching the first years getting sorted!

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